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Krishnakumar Sabapathy (Xanadu Quantum Technologies, Toronto, Canada)
Date & Time
Wed, 03 March 2021, 18:30 to 20:00
Online seminar

In this talk I will go over some of the aspects of designing a scalable photonic fault-tolerant quantum computer [1]. Any quantum computing platform has two broad divisions (i) the architecture---that deals with the physical resources required to realize states, gates and measurements and (ii) error correction---the code being implemented to protect against device imperfections in the various modules. I will briefly touch upon these two aspects with regard to photonic computation that is based on qubits encoded in continuous degrees of freedom. I will then focus on one particular problem that is an important bottleneck needed to be overcome for a photonic implementation: that of non-Gaussian state generation for use as codewords. I will talk about some recent advances in this direction both from the experimental [2] and the theoretical side [3].


(1) Blueprint for a Scalable Photonic Fault-Tolerant Quantum ComputerQuantum (2021)

(2) Quantum circuits with many photons on a programmable nanophotonic chip, Nature (2021) [in press]

(3) Conversion of Gaussian states to non-Gaussian states using photon-number-resolving detectorsPRA (2019) 


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Meeting ID: 962 4504 0820
Passcode: 539126