String theory is a framework to build models of quantum gravity. The string theory group at the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences focuses on a particularly interesting aspect of this field called the AdS/CFT correspondence. This correspondence relates quantum gravity in a spacetime that asymptotes to anti-de Sitter space with an ordinary quantum field theory that lives in one lower dimension, and has a symmetry under angle-preserving (conformal) transformations.

This is interesting because it provides us with a non-perturbative definition of quantum gravity, in a setup that is rich enough to permit black holes, non-trivial scattering, and is related to cosmological models.

Our members have focused on understanding scattering in anti-de Sitter space, the applications of this correspondence to cosmology and condensed matter physics, and the deep problem of information loss in black holes.

We interact closely with the group at the Indian Institute of Science. This is apart from the steady flux of visitors attending ICTS programs.

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