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The Maths Circle India is a new initiative launched with a view towards identifying mathematically inclined students at an early stage, honing their aptitude and mathematical skills, and exposing them to the joy of doing mathematics. The Maths Circle involves a group of carefully selected students, who meet online once in two weeks on weekends for a few hours to discuss carefully chosen mathematical explorations. The explorations and course material are curated by active researchers in Mathematics and the sessions are led by Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers with an aptitude for communication and pedagogy.

The Maths Circle India is a pan-TIFR initiative which is welcoming partner institutions from across the country to advance this endeavour. A long term goal of this initiative is to foster the creation of a network of maths circles across India, and to create and curate resources for these communities of mathematics students and teachers. Please explore our ongoing pilot sessions, and for a similar initiative, see

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