This is a forum through which academics from ICTS and other similar institutes and universities can explain their scientific work to broader audiences, or engage with the public on scientific and mathematical topics of interest.

Target Audience: Undergraduate and graduate students of science, and/or members of the public with a basic background in science.

Contact: outreach @ icts . res . in

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Past Talks
Rama Govindarajan (ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru)
4:30 pm to 6:00 pm Thursday, 29 April 2021
Livestream via the ICTS YouTube channel
*This event has been cancelled and the future date will be notified soon. Abstract:- Fluid flow is laminar, or turbulent, or something in-between. Honey normally flows in smooth laminar fashion but a volcanic eruption is fierce and turbulent. Laminar flow is efficient and turbulence is wasteful...more
Parameswaran Ajith (ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru)
4:30 pm to 6:00 pm Sunday, 28 February 2021
Livestream via the ICTS YouTube channel
Abstract:- Gravitational bending of light was the first observational test that heralded the remarkable success of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. In the last few decades, gravitational lensing of light has emerged as a powerful tool for astronomy. Gravitational waves (GWs) are also...more
Suvrat Raju (ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru)
4:30 pm to 6:00 pm Tuesday, 22 December 2020
Livestream via the ICTS YouTube channel
Abstract: A central tenet of physics is that time evolution is reversible. Given the complete state of a system at any point of time, one can predict both its future and its past. This is true of simple ballistics problems in introductory physics, and of the very complicated systems that physicists...more