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At ICTS, attention has been given to ensure an environment conducive to research and learning, provide space for maximum academic interactions. The campus is self-contained and includes academic housing and recreational facilities. It is equipped with a modern library, state of the art computing and networking infrastructure, lecture halls with enough capacity for meetings with hundred plus participants, an auditorium, recreation spaces, health centre, childcare facilities and comfortable living quarters for staff and visitors. 

Facility Phone Number
Computing Facilities +91 8046536302 - IT
+91 8046536303 - AV
+91 8046536304 - HPC
+91 8046536306 - Web
Library +91 8046536080
Transport +91 8046536000
Cafeteria +91 8046536499
+91 8046536388
Recreation +91 8046536439
Child Care Facility +91 8046536440
First Aid Centre +91 8046536108
+91 8046536102
Counselling Services  

This service is a part of the Computer Centre of ICTS and is intended for a wider dissemination of the instructional material collected during the various programs organized at ICTS. Service Informatique will ensure that the audiovisual and other instructional material is hosted on the ICTS website and the ICTS YouTube channel and made available for the public.