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The Maths Circle is a new initiative in Bangalore launched with a view towards identifying mathematically inclined students at an early stage and honing their aptitude and mathematical skills. The idea is to expose students to the joy of mathematics, and its prevalence in the world around us by emphasizing the empirical roots and far-reaching empirical consequences of beautiful mathematical ideas.

The Maths Circle involves a group of carefully selected students, who meet once in two weeks on weekends for a few hours to discuss carefully chosen mathematical explorations. The explorations and course material are curated by active researchers in Mathematics and the sessions are led by Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers with an aptitude for communication and pedagogy.

For similar Maths Circles, see Stanford Math Circle and Berkeley Math Circle.

ICTS acknowledges the generous support of the Friends of ICTS for this new initiative. In particular, that of Mr. Sudhir Krishna (San Jose, CA) for his enthusiastic support for the cause of Maths Circles for kids in India.

This Maths Circle is not active now.