Discussion Meeting
Rob Pisarski (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA), Sumathi Rao (HRI, India), Soeren Schlichting (Bielefeld University, Germany) and Sayantan Sharma (IMSc, India)
06 September 2021 to 10 September 2021

The topological properties of quantum field theories are responsible for several exotic phenomena occurring over many length scales, from nano-materials to the early universe. A fundamental phenomena in gauge theories,  confinement, is believed to be intimately related to topology. The techniques used by the condensed matter and the high energy communities to address such problems are, at least superficially, quite different. Within the condensed matter community, the interplay of topology and interactions is still in a developing phase. Researchers working in gauge theories, on the other hand, have made some progress in the understanding of non-perturbative phenomena related to topology. It thus makes it timely and appropriate to bring the two groups together to understand the techniques currently in use and to develop a common ground. Given the conceptual and technical challenges, specially for understanding phenomena beyond perturbation theory, insights and results from different interdisciplinary areas can advance our existing knowledge and allow us to address many of the unsolved problems of topological origin in strongly correlated systems. 

The topics which will be discussed are:

1. Topological aspects of quantum matter
2. Topological aspects on non-Abelian gauge theories
3. Anomalous transport phenomena in 2D/3D materials
4. Chiral plasma instabilities and non-equilibrium dynamics in strongly correlated systems
5. New algorithms, quantum computation

A major aim of this workshop is to foster acquaintance with the state-of-the art in this very interdisciplinary field, among graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and to introduce them to open problems and challenges. We strongly encourage participation from all researchers working in strongly-correlated systems and gauge theories and interested in fundamental phenomena driven by topology.

Eligibility criteria: Registration is open to graduate students (masters onwards), postdocs and other researchers/faculties working in related areas.

30 August 2021
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