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With each quarterly issue, the newsletter provides a glimpse into the exciting scientific research, discoveries, and ideas from pioneers across the world. There are also updates on recent news, programs and other activities held at ICTS.
ICTS Newsletter 2016 (Volume 2, Issue 1)

In our second issue, the first in 2016, we highlight the spectacular discovery of gravitational waves, learn about the speculation around a new particle found at CERN. We also get introduced to the interesting work done by the NICE group at NCBS.

ICTS Newsletter 2015 (Volume 1, Issue 1)

In this inaugural issue, we look back at ‘Science at ICTS’, the campus inauguration day and Strings 2015, which celebrated 100 years of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. We also learn about gravitational wave astronomy and the proposed LIGO-India project, as well as data assimilation in the earth sciences.