Sl. no. Name Affiliation Talk title
1 Akash Kumar Saha IISc, India Sensitivities on non-spinning and spinning primordial black hole dark matter with global 21 cm troughs
2 Amlan Chakraborty IIA, India Formation and Abundance of Late Forming Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter
3 Animesh Sah TIFR, India Cosmological parameter estimation using Pantheon+ dataset
4 Anoma Ganguly TIFR, India EDGES of the Dark Forest: A new absorption window into the composite dark matter and large scale structure
5 Antara Dey ISI Kolkata, India Constraints on Dark Matter-Neutrino Interaction from 21-cm Cosmology and Forecasts on SKA1-Low
6 Aparajita Sen IISER Thiruvanathapuram, India Optimum Frequency Range for thermal dust removal and r-recovery in CMB-BHARAT
7 Arpan Hait IIT Kanpur, India Dark matter production during reheating
8 Arpan Kar cQUEST, South Korea Halo-independent bounds on the non-relativistic effective theory of WIMP-nucleon scattering from direct detection and neutrino observations
9 Bihag Bankimchandra Dave Ahmedabad University, India Self-interactions of ultra-light dark matter and observations at galactic scales
10 Harshda Saxena IIT Bombay, India Kinetic Field Theory: Effects of modified gravity theories with screening mechanisms on non-linear cosmic density fluctuations
11 Himanshu Verma IIT Bombay, India Astrometric Microlensing of Primordial Black Holes with Gaia
12 Khursid Alam IISER Kolkata, India Effects of reheating on moduli stabilization
13 Kuldeep Purohit Vadodara, India Rotating Scalar Field and Formation of Bose Stars
14 Md Riajul Haque IIT Madaras, India WIMPs, FIMPs, and Inflaton phenomenology via reheating: the possibility of purely Gravitational reheating
15 Navin Chaurasiya IUCAA, India Galaxy-Dark matter halo connection and evolution using HSC photometric galaxies
16 Nilanjandev Bhaumik IISc, India Probing the early universe with gravitational wave background and primordial black holes
17 Nirmal Raj Queen's University, Canada TBA
18 Ragavendra H.V. RRI, India Unique observational imprints of ultra slow roll inflation
19 Rathul Nath Raveendran IACS, India Distinguishing cosmological models through quantum signatures of primordial perturbations
20 Ravi Kumar Sharma IIA, India Signatures of Light Massive Relics on nonlinear structure formation
21 Richa Arya IISc, India Primordial black holes and secondary gravitational waves from warm inflation
22 Sambo Sarkar IIT Kharagpur, India Effects of galactic uncertainties on the celestial capture of dark matter
23 Shouvik Roy Choudhury IUCAA, India Massive Neutrino Self-Interactions and Inflation
24 Sudipta Das Visva-Bharati, India Imprints of interacting dark universe on cosmological perturbations
25 Tarak Nath Maity IISc, India Neutrinos from Sun as a discovery tool for dark matter-electron scattering