Sl. No. Full name Title
1 Aditya Liquid Crystals with Inclusions: Ferronematics and Living Liquid Crystals
2 Anjuman Ara Khatun Principle of least action exhibited by active particles
3 Ankit Gupta Separation of interacting active particles in an asymmetric channel
4 Arshed Nabeel Data-driven mesoscale models of collective movement
5 Arvin Gopal Subramaniam Non-equilibrium self organisation in chemically interacting active chains
6 Ashitha B Arun Yeast growth in 3D complex environments
7 Connor Roberts Optimising power extraction from active particles: rectification vs. continuous feedback control
8 Dhananjay Gautam Enhanced Activity Reduces the Duration of Intermittent L´evy Walks in Bacterial Turbulence
9 Eloise Lardet Order From Disorder: Active Particles with Random Alignment Interactions
10 Henry Alston Stochastic Attractive Interactions aid Vascular Colonization
11 Jyoti Prasad Banerjee Unjamming and emergent nonreciprocity in active ploughing through a compressible viscoelastic fluid
12 Kandalam Ravitheja Understanding the effects of alignment interaction on spatio-temporal patterns in active matter system.
13 Mohd Yasir Khan Diverse and Dynamic Clustering in Active Colloids : A Brownian Dynamics Perspective
14 Nandhu Krishna Babu Interplay of Geometry and Mechanics in Wound healing in Epithelial Monolayer
15 Navneet Roshan Reaction-Diffusion Equation: Geometry, Curvature and Mechanics
16 Olivia Vincent Active particle in soft confined environment
17 Sabyasachi Mukherjee Actin driven hydra morphogenesis
18 Sagarika Adhikary Collective motion of a binary mixture of self-propelled particles
19 Sagnik Garai Microswimmers near deformable surfaces
20 Sakshi Jain Experimental realization of stochastic resetting using a programmable self-propelled robot
21 Sandeep Kumar Dynamics of an active ring polymer in simple shear flow.
22 Sayan Maity Phase behavior of passive colloids in active liquids
23 Soni Dayashankar Prajapati Effect of fluid flow on Motility Induced Phase Separation (MIPS)
24 Soumyadeep Mondal Coarsening of topological defects in active polar fluids
26 Vivek Bharat Meshram Dependence of Density in Self-Propelled Motion of Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction Droplet