Posters (P1) - 3rd April, 11:30 - 13:00
Sl. No. Name Affiliation Title
1 Lakshita Jindal JNCASR, India Kibble-Zurek scalings and coarsening laws in slowly quenched classical Ising chains
2 Sparsh Gupta ICTS, India Filling an empty lattice by local injection of quantum particles
3 Ayushi Suman IIT-Indore, India The Kuramoto model
4 Subhadeep Dasgupta IISc, India TBA
5 Jaydeep Mandal IISc, India Effect of confinement on equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of particles with different shape anisotropies
6 Nayana Venkatareddy IISc, India Phase separation kinetics in Two Temperature Induced Phase Separation(2-TIPS)
7 Bikram Pain ICTS, India Dynamical eigenstate correlations and entanglenment growth in the many-body localised phase
8 Purnendu Pathak JNCASR, India Title: Mpemba Effect – How common is it?
9 Jeet Majumdar IISc, India TBA
10 Sohini Chatterjee JNCASR, India Mpemba Effect and a Universality in Pure Spin Systems
11 Sohom Das JNCASR, India Mpemba-like Effect During Phase Transition in an Active Matter System
12 Mohd Gayas Ansari IIT-Kharagpur, India Title:- Average Spectral Density of Multiparametric Gaussian Ensembles of Complex Matrices
13 Jasleen Kaur IIT-Bhubaneswar, India TBA
14 Olivia Mallick Presidency University, India Critical Behavior of Anisotropic XY Ferromagnet in three dimensions with Random Fields: A Monte Carlo Study.
15 Shankha Narayan Chattopadhyay IIT-Ropar, India Tippings, Multistability and Stochasticity in Traffic Network Dynamics
16 Meenakshi L Vellore Institute of Technology, India Plastic instabilities in micro-alloyed amorphous solids
17 Devanshu Shekhar IIT-Kharagpur, India TBA
18 Krishna K Tiwari JNCASR, India TBA
19 Debargha Sarkar JNCASR, India TBA


Posters (P2) - 4th April, 11:30 - 13:00
Sl. No. Name Affiliation Title
1 Soumyaditya Das SRM University, India Critical Scaling through Gini index
2 Ritwick Sarkar SNBNCBS, India Active reservoirs: Energy transport in one-dimensional harmonic chains
3 Animesh Hazra SNBNCBS, India Anomalous relaxation and hyperuniform fluctuations in center-of-mass conserving systems with broken time-reversal symmetry
4 Satyam Pandey TIFR, Hyderabad, India The unusual glassy dynamics of confluent epithelial monolayer is nearly ideal for mode-coupling theory.
5 Tanmoy Chakraborty SNBNCBS, India Current fluctuations in models of hardcore run-and-tumble particles
6 Sandeep Jangid TIFR, Mumbai, India TBA
7 Dibyendu Mondal IIT-Kanpur, India Understanding varied run-and-tumble dynamics of E. coli and their response to different confinements
8 Sabyasachi Chowdhury TIFR, Mumbai, India TBA
9 Parameshwaran A Vellore Institute of Technology, India Kinetics of vapor-liquid phase separation of active fluid in confined geometry
10 Soumyabrata Saha TIFR, Mumbai, India TBA
11 Muhammed Muhsin A University of Kerala, India Inertial Active Brownian Motor
12 Biswajit Das IISER, Kolkata, India Enhancement in the irreversibility of active processes in viscoelastic bath
13 Kapil Sharma TIFR, Mumbai, India TBA
14 Bharadwaj Vedula Bariloche Atomic Centre, Argentina Exploring Phase Transitions in One-Dimensional Diluted Power-Law XY Spin Glass: A Numerical Investigation
15 Sayantan Ghosh IMSc, India Rheology of Active Breathing Particles
16 Harshit Sharma VNIT, India Exactly solvable dynamics and signatures of integrability in an infinite-range many-body Floquet spin system
17 Moumita Naskar IMSc, India Creep response of a glassy system to externally applied shear stress: a numerical study
18 Swarnendu Maity JNCASR, India TBA
19 Pushkar Khandare JNCASR, India TBA