15 April 2021

ICTS graduate student Prashant Singh and ICTS faculty member Anupam Kundu’s publication titled Local Time for Run and Tumble Particle has been selected as the 'Editor’s Suggestion' in the journal Physical Review E. 

How much time does a particle in random motion spend at the desired location?  This time is known as the local time in the literature. Study of the local time has been of great interest and importance in various interdisciplinary areas like chemical reactions, biological systems, medicine, animal foraging among many others. Anupam and Prashant’s work rigorously provides an analytic understanding of the local time in the context of the run and tumble particle which is the quintessential model for the motion of bacteria. They have developed a new “path-cou nting” analysis, which enabled them to understand statistical properties of local time both in homogeneous and in-homogeneous media.

Select publications are chosen by the editors as Editor’s Suggestions for their clarity and interesting work.