14 February 2023

ICTS faculty member Prayush Kumar was awarded the NASI Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award for 2022. Prayush was recognised for his notable contributions to numerical relativity and gravitational wave astrophysics.

Recently, Prayush has been working on a highly scalable open source numerical relativity framework called SpECTRE. The eventual goal of this work is to use future computing resources to simulate gravity and magnetohydrodynamics equations to model astrophysical sources of GWs with sufficient accuracy to enable their better theoretical understanding. Prayush’s work on gravitational waves focusses on modelling black hole binaries formed via close encounters in dense stellar environments. These binaries are indicated by their orbital eccentricity, and he has worked on theoretically understanding their dynamics, as well as on enabling their conclusive discovery. 

Each year the National Academy of Sciences (NASI) Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award is presented to recognize promise, creativity and excellence in young scientists.

ICTS congratulates Prayush for this achievement and wishes him continuous success with his research.