28 February 2023

ICTS faculty member Sthitadhi Roy has been awarded a new Max Planck Partner Group. Sthitadhi will head this partnership with his counterpart Roderich Moessner from MPIKS, Dresden.

The research focus of this partner group will be to understand the dynamics of quantum correlations and quantum information in many-body systems with randomness. The randomness could be inherent due to disorder or due to external agents such as measurements. The group will investigate two complementary but intertwined broad questions: (i) How to understand the dynamics of entanglement and transport in disordered, interacting quantum many-body systems from the point of view of Hilbert-space dynamical correlations? (ii) What is the fate entanglement dynamics in both pure and mixed states of measurement-unitary hybrid dynamics?

This is the fifth Max Planck Partner Group awarded to ICTS faculty members. Ajith Parameswaran, Subhro Bhattacharjee, Vijay Kumar Krishnamurthy and Shashi Thutupalli (joint faculty with NCBS) are the others. The Max Planck Society partner groups annual meeting will also be hosted by ICTS this year.

ICTS congratulates Sthitadhi for this achievement and wishes him continued success in his future research.