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Rohini Devasher & Elisa Storelli (Independent Artists)
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Monday, 08 May 2023
Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS-TIFR

Event Description

Each artist will present their work for 30 minutes followed by Q&A. The artists have been selected for the Connect India Arts Residency at ICTS & CERN.

Rohini Devasher

Devasher is an artist and an amateur astronomer. For her talk at ICTS, she will share work that maps the complexities of ecology and space, through the twin frames of wonder and the strange/horror. At the core of this is a recognition of the entanglement of relationships in the natural world, but also of their deep strangeness, their weirdness, and the places that are created by their collisions and fusion.

Elisa Storelli

My artistic research is dedicated to observe how our view on the phenomenon of time changes and how this concept interacts with social structures; I named the research Chronomorphology. My interest lies in studying how time has been measured and calculated, how aspects such as perceptions, feelings, biology and languages influence it: I research how time developed through the centuries and among various cultures.I will talk about the relationship between the human and the clock, and show some documentation of my work.

About the Speaker

Please refer to the resources section of this page to view the portfolio.


Image Credit - Harsh Kumar Khatwani (Science Communicator, ICTS-TIFR)