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Sarosh N. Fatakia (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai)
Date & Time
Thu, 30 November 2017, 11:30 to 12:30
Emmy Noether Seminar Room, ICTS Campus, Bangalore

The eukaryotic genome is compartmentalized as chromosomes, each one occupying a distinct physical volume in the nucleus called a chromosome territory (CT). A non-empirical basis for a non-random CT arrangement is unknown and the empirical basis cannot explain discrepant CT arrangements in cell-type-specific cases.

In this talk I will motivate how a unification of intrinsic chromosomal parameters helps derive extrinsic constraints via inter-CT “mixing”, and a non-empirical hierarchy for CT arrangement is proposed. To decipher a physical basis for diverse inter-CT arrangement, which may facilitate transcription and gene expression in the nucleus, I investigate the scaling relation of these extrinsic constraints. My results suggest that non-empirical rules of CT arrangements may be an outcome of extrinsic scaling constraints remaining conserved with regard to CT permutations. In conclusion, in the context of chromosomal evolution, I propose a theoretical formalism that may constitute as a mathematical blueprint for synthetic biology.