Subir Sachdev (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA)
Date & Time
Wed, 09 June 2021, 18:30 to 20:00
Online Seminar

The cuprate high temperature superconductors display three distinct metallic phases around the superconducting dome: a pseudogap metal at low doping, an intermediate Planckian metal, and a Fermi liquid at large doping. I will present numerical and analytical results showing that all three phases are present in the t-J model with random and all-to-all hopping and exchange. The Planckian metal is realized in a SYK-type theory of fractionalized holons and spinons: it exhibits linear-in-temperature resistivity at low temperatures (in a closely-related large-dimension model) arising from a time reparameterization soft mode. This soft mode has a holographic interpretation as a boundary graviton of charged black holes.

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