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Adwait Gaikwad (Tel-Aviv University)
Date & Time
Wed, 01 November 2023, 15:00 to 17:00
Madhava Lecture Hall and Online

We study the worldsheet theory of a single infinitely long confining string; it defines relativistic 1+1 dimensional theory whose low energy excitation are Goldstone bosons of the spontaneously broken spacetime symmetry. It has been observed in lattice simulations that the worldsheet theory also contains a massive pseudo-scalar excitation - "worldsheet axion". The space of effective theory of a long string for the first two non-universal, irrelevant coefficients is bounded by numerical S-matrix  bootstrap. The theories that live on the boundary of this space also contains a pseudo-scalar particle. We construct theories that live on the boundary of this space in a scaling limit. Our construction sheds light on properties of  the worldsheet axion and also predicts behavior of the higher irrelevant coupling in our scaling asymptotic limit.

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