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Gautam Mandal (TIFR, Mumbai)
Date & Time
Tue, 13 February 2024, 15:45 to 17:30
Emmy Noether Seminar Room and Online

We look at subtleties associated with a continuum description of large N matrix models (both zero-dimensional matrices as well as Matrix QM). For matrix QM we review four subtleties with the usual continuum description in terms of the eigenvalue density ρ(λ), with special focus on the entanglement entropy formula for matrix QM. We propose a new continuum description, based on earlier work on a similar context for giant gravitons, and show how it resolves all four subtleties. In the case of c=1 matrix model, the new continuum field appears related to a second quantized description of D0 branes.

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Meeting ID: 880 9276 6911

Passcode: 232322